3rd Grade Geometry Worksheets Pdf - Area and Perimeter Worksheets Grade 3

Geometry Activities for 3rd Grade with Answers

These 3rd grade geometry worksheets pdf are given to offer third graders quick ways of taking dimensions of squares, rectangles, and various polygons.

Hence, to capture their interest to enjoy solving our area and perimeter worksheets grade 3, we have come up with a significant number of fun creative activities such as tiling a rectangle and finding the area; creating figures with a given area; etc.

In a like manner, other geometry activities for 3rd grade with answers that will equally attract and give kids a clue of how to apply the concept of area and perimeter in real-life situations include:

Perimeter: word problems; find the area of rectangles: word problems; use area and perimeter to determine the cost; etc.

Best solutions for solving area and perimeter problems

With a grasp of our 3rd grade geometry worksheets pdf, you’ll obtain the best solutions for solving area and perimeter problems.

In fact, before you can go ahead with solving any problems involving area and perimeter, you’ll need to keep in mind their formulas, which are;

  • Perimeter of a rectangle = 2L + 2W
  • Area of a rectangle = L x W

(Where L is the length and W is the width)

Therefore, with the above formulas already embedded in kids’ minds, they will be able to aptly find measurements of any kind more quickly and accurately.

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