Division Activities for Grade 3 - Relating multiplication and division 3rd grade

Equal groups division worksheets 3rd grade

Mastering basic division skills with division activities for grade 3 is a great opportunity for all third graders to grasp. These extraordinary division activities are full of fun visual models clearly relating multiplication and division 3rd grade.

Talking of visual models, your kids will enjoy writing division sentences for arrays and counting equal groups division worksheets 3rd grade.  

Nonetheless, in a bid to genuinely build a solid understanding of the concept of division in kids, we have introduced division as being a sharing operation where objects are divided into a number of groups of equal number.

Notwithstanding, what kids will note here as the only difference existing between multiplication and division is that; as division is about separating objects into equal groups, multiplication is about combining these equal groups.

Are division skills essential to kids at an early age?

Division skills become essential to kids at an early age as soon as they begin to handle money, share items amongst friends and cut objects into portions.

This is therefore the reason why our division activities for grade 3 have been introduced to kids through very fun and visual methods involving equal sharing.

Moreover, introducing these ideas to kids at an early age will enhance a greater confidence in division sums, which is equally useful in the wider world.

As a matter of fact, following our basic strategies, i.e. relating multiplication and division skills, kids will be able to aptly apply such relations to solving diverse mathematical problems, thus understand number fluency at a deeper level.

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