Equivalent Fractions Worksheet Grade 3 - Area Models For Equivalent Fractions 3rd Grade

Equivalent Fractions on a Number Line Worksheet

Equivalent fractions worksheets grade 3, produced to get your kids to think deeply about fractions. Here, your kids will work on a variety of problems designed with amusing area models for equivalent fractions grade 3. These area models will support and enhance kids’ understanding and quick recognizing of equivalent fractions.

Besides understanding equivalent fractions using area models, kids will equally practice identifying and modeling equivalent fractions on a number line worksheet.

However, one other skill for easy generating equivalent fractions is by multiplying or dividing both the top and bottom by the same number.

As you can see, all these strategies are quite very interesting, not only to boast kids’ multiplication and division skills but to strengthen their reasoning abilities.

Does mastering equivalent fractions enhance proficiency in other fractions concepts?

Oh yes! Does mastering equivalent fractions enhance proficiency in other fractions concepts?

In fact, engaging in our Equivalent fractions worksheets grade 3 means understanding all the possible concepts that fractions can represent.

For instance, kids’ fluency in recognizing and generating equivalent fractions paves the way for adding and subtracting fractions, comparing fractions, etc.

Most significantly, a great mastery of equivalent fractions necessitates kids to easily recognize that two or more fractions can represent the same quantity, thus belonging to an equivalence set. For example, the equivalence set for the fraction 3/4 is {6/8; 9/12; 12/16; …}

Even in our daily lives from cooking, managing medical dosage, carpentry to sports and sewing, we can't escape equivalent fractions.

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