Telling Time Worksheets Grade 3 Pdf - Telling Time Activities for Third Grade

Elapsed Time Worksheets 3rd Grade

Telling time worksheets grade 3 pdf are made up of smart techniques for kid’s easy understanding and reading time from different kinds of clocks. These telling time activities for third grade have been designed with captivating time telling tools helpful for success in time telling skills.

Such time telling tools in these worksheets include; colourfully designed analogue and digital clocks, calendars, time schedules and timelines.

Most importantly here are multiple fun strategies for fast measuring and calculating elapsed time worksheets 3rd grade. Given that elapsed time tells the amount of time passes from the beginning of an event to its end, we have created exciting elapsed time word problems of familiar events for kid’s easy calculating elapsed time in an organizational way.

Basic time conversion rules –converting seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months, years?

Quick access our Telling time worksheets grade 3 pdf and have a perfect mastery of basic time conversion rules – converting seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months, years.

Most of our telling time activities for third grade, especially: relate time units; read a calendar; convert between hours and fraction of hours, can only be perfectly understood when kids become proficient with basic time conversion rules.

In this light, we will provide an outstanding conversion table (rules) of time units that will captivate kid’s interest in easy understanding, thus enjoy while solving our fun telling time exercises.

Conversion table of time units

60 seconds  = 1 minute

60 minutes  = 1hour

24hours       = 1 day

7 days          = 1week

52 weeks     = 1 year

12 months   = 1 year

365/366 days = 1 year

10 years      = 1 decade

100 years     = 1 century

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