Fractions worksheets grade 3 with answers - Area models for fractions

Unit fractions word problems 3rd grade

Best practice fractions worksheets grade 3 with answers created to support kids’ understanding of basic fractions concepts, like identifying equal parts; making halves, thirds, fourths, sixths and eights, etc. In fact, your little ones will get excited to learn about fractions with our fun captivating area models for fractions and unit fractions word problems 3rd grade.

Besides learning fractions with area models and word problems, we’ve equally designed exciting strategies for quick mastery of fraction concepts such as identifying fractions of number lines; graph fractions on number lines; matching mixed numbers to models; word names for mixed numbers; etc.

Best ways for making fractions easier to understand

As we know, a solid understanding of fractions is one of the foundations on which high grade (algebra) math success is built. In this light, fractions worksheets grade 3 with answers will offer your kids the best ways for making fractions easier to understand.

Firstly, our brightly coloured pictures, images, shapes, pictures, well-segmented number lines and area models such as fraction bars, are great visual ways to enable kids to explore lots of interesting fractions basics, thus fast making connections between their own experience and fractions concept.

Also, our fun exercises such as making halves, thirds and fourths; making sixths and eighths, will captivate kids’ interest as they’ll feel excited when connecting two dots to make a cut. This strategy is the best way that can help the concept of the fraction become more concrete.

Given all the above strategies, the concept of the fraction which must have seemingly been a dry and boring topic will become fun, interesting and enjoyable for all third graders.

Moreover, all these visual components and word problems will eventually become useful to kids now and throughout their entire fractions learning.

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